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Aurora Silent Auction a Reminder of Past and Future

" Trees Removed on Keele St 1969" - This historical piece made available for silent auction
It slipped my memory that Artist Dorothy Clark Mclure had passed in 2012, known throughout York Region for her paintings mostly, often capturing old buildings just prior to their demolition. Or trees, as in the case of this original sepia drawing which will go into silent auction in the evening hours on Sat Feb 25 from Aw Shucks Seafood Bar & Grill in Aurora. 

So you can imagine my horror when I was arranging to pick up the artwork and realized I'd asked the person on the phone if they were Dorothy! It's hard to imagine a world without the local art and issues icon I grew up knowing of and admiring. But maybe we won't ever completely be - through her art!

More than Artist

But Ms. Mclure was much more than just an esteemed York Region Artist - she actually started out painting the Muskoka's - but a celebrated Aurora citizen who cared about her community and its history in addition to telling us so through her beautiful art, having served as head of the Aurora Historical Society, among distinguished positions held and honours bestowed upon, Dorothy in life, as well as Aurora's 2007 citizen of the year. She is and was a cherished Aurora and York Region icon that will live long beyond her years on earth through her beautiful works of art and particularly those capturing our history! And it was through inspiring examples like Dorothy Clark Mclure, that inspired young local girls, become young ladies to follow their passion and art forms.


In a way, that's perhaps at least partially part of the inspirational message Wendy Marais, who grew up in Aurora as well, and who launched Jazzled Hearts, a non-profit to connect kids to education, music and art through safe and accessible means and now releasing the book Harmony in hard copy, would like to portray, They may never have met in person, but they may have met in spirit.

Silent Auction Features..

The evening silent auction serves as a fund raiser and will also feature a meet and greet from 7-9pm, with Self-Esteem Book Author and Jazzled Youth founder, Wendy Marais. The event hopes to raise funds to put the book into hard copies for distribution to schools and libraries.

A couple other sneak peak stand out items include a foursome play at prestigious the Royal Niagara a Kaneff golf club, and an electric Scooter provided by Ben's Bikes!

So come out and enjoy a enjoy a great dinner, or drinks, and the live entertainment, then browse through the auction goods.

Check out Harmony here

See the Press Release below for more detailed information.

For Immediate Release: P1/1 Tuesday Feb 21 2017
Attention: News Desk / Assignment Editor
RE: Fundraiser Silent Auction – Hard Copy Book Raise – Currently Available on Amazon.ca
Book Title: Harmony – self-motivation / esteem building book for kids to adults
Event Date: Sat Feb 25 2017
Event Time : 6pm - 12 am - Best Author's photo op time: 7 - 9 PM Live ONline 8-9 pm
Location Land Address – Aw Shucks Seafood Bar & Bistro, 15,230 Yonge St Aurora, Ontario
Location online Bidding - Facebook @TP Entertainment and Productions 

Event Contact @ 289-221-0928

Silent Auction Makes Noise for Kids

Join Jazzled Hearts (for youth) founder and Author of the Amazon.ca published self-motivation and esteem building book, Harmony, Wendy Marais, Saturday February 25th. from 6pm to 12am at Aw Shucks Seafood Bar & Bistro located at 15230 Yonge St, in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.
Silent auction Items will be on display in-house from 6pm until 12 am with select items displayed live online from Aw Shucks on occasion throughout the evening on Facebook @ TPEntertainment & Productions for silent home bidders of the various items up for auction, including a Kaneff golf foursome package at Niagara's premier Royal Niagara, an electric scooter by Ben's Bikes, an original Dorothy Clark Mclure historic era sepia drawing depicting “ 1969 Trees Removal on Keele St”, signed Paige Pedlar books, jewelry, beautiful prints, and other wonderful items t.b.a.
Proceeds from the silent auction go towards printing costs for printing Harmony in hard copy for distribution to schools and libraries.
Jazzled Hearts is a non-profit dedicated to empowering children and youth through education and providing opportunities. Come check out what Jazzled Hearts have planned for 2017.

" Our youth today need as many opportunities as we as a society can give, and to that end Jazzled's mission continues to strive for the betterment our our children into adulthood." Wendy Marais

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