Friday, 2 October 2015

What's Happening Newmarket October

The Town of Newmarket has been hit pretty hard when it comes to road construction. Those able to survive are often doing so barely. One such business located in Newmarket's Tannery Mall has had a barrage of obstacles added to their compound mix, such as The coffee shop, Empress Cafe, tucked in the foyer of the Tannery Mall where they have recently been given the added burden of paid parking and the loss of the college which used to supply plenty of fresh, ground from beans, coffees. Still she soldiers on, fresh sandwiches, baked goods, teas, and accompaniments, and only hopes for the construction to end soon. See video.

Across the street at Main and Davis things aren't much better, with a concentration of the construction having been in that area for quite some time, final touches on a shelter now going up, a nearby longtime breakfast place now void of a tenant and up for rent. A few doors up at Cassandrah's Costumes, I would have expected a busy bustling store at Halloween season but my time there saw minimal foot traffic on a balmy day for October.

Empress Cafe @ Tannery Mall
Cassandrah's used to be Myer's Costumes, with the longtime manager, and now owner taking over for a retiring Jenny Myer, ending her reign as "Newmarket's longest running single family owned business", as the former opera star /owner used to tell me. Of course Cassandrah had been running it in the past years, with the elderly owner coming down on occasion to chat. As a kid, it was Myers Variety, and us kids would come for miles to get the goods, while in wartimes they would front people food until they were able to pay!

Design and Win!
Halloween Contest
...And so in that spirit Cassandrah's is holding a DESIGN OUR WINDOW CONTEST for Halloween and the winning entry gets it featured as their Halloween display as well as $100 voucher! See Video or send your designs to! 
Deadline for entries Oct 24 2015 

Meantime, looks to be another new restaurant opening up a little further south on Main serving soups and sandwiches, I imagine, to compliment the diverse restaurants selection now growing there with the newest kids on the block now serving up as well, and all seem to be doing ok thus far.


Restaurant For Rent, Main St Newmarket at Davis Dr
But don't forget those nooks and crannies of your business community folks, those affected by construction, the new businesses, the long time businesses, and any good local business striving to survive in order to offer you an alternative, selection, and variety - as opposed to the corporate, cookie cutter version a big city might offer. We may construct, build and grow, but shiny new buildings are nothing without users.

                                                                                 Entertainment Guide Video

Opening soon!
...Besides Halloween, some upcoming Newmarket entertainment includes Oct 17 with Yuk Yuks coming the the Newmarket Community Centre at Doug Duncan drive, while the same night Red Green is at the Newmarket Theatre. No brainer for me. Never liked Red Green whatsoever. Hahaha... Kiss tribute band Sat Oct 17 @ Big Daddy's!
Escape! Now Open on Main!

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